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Guaranteed fit

Your people; the lifeblood of your centre.

Creating a bustling, active and vibrant retail environment for shoppers is an exciting challenge, but a challenge all the same.

We understand that having dynamic, driven and innovative personnel on board makes the experience more enjoyable and the end shopping experience more authentic.

Iconic Recruit are people people, meaning our placements are always both a functional and cultural fit.

  • Directors/CEO's
  • State & General Managers
  • Regional & Portfolio Managers
  • Asset Manager
  • Shopping Centre/Retail Managers
  • Tenancy Delivery & Design
  • Leasing Executives & Managers
  • Marketing Managers & Executives
  • Operations & Facilities Managers
  • Administration / Finance
  • Managers & Assistants
  • Property Managers & Assistants
  • EA’s and PA’s

Retail Property

We understand your business

At Iconic Recruit we make it our business to understand yours, from culture to operational approach, so that we can ensure you make hires that fit and will stick, for the long term. We’re experienced in forging relationships between you and dynamic candidates, from support staff through to management executives and directors. With such an exclusive network across the retail and commercial property space, we know who’ll be right for the job.

Retail & Commercial Property is a complex, ever-changing, exciting, yet challenging place to be. We deliver you permanent staff that fit your vision and will be invested for the long term.

We’ve seen contemporary retail and commercial property operations instate fittingly forward thinking leaders, and the outcomes are phenomenal. Iconic Recruit believe in vivacious executives and we’ve got a database full of them.


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